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Adding new pieces of décor to your home is always exciting. Whether it’s a new piece of furniture, found works of art, or a fun rug that brightens up your home, new pieces can really transform a home. The same can be said for window treatments. Adding vertical blinds can transform homes that have wide windows or patio and sliding glass doors. Offering brilliant views and lots of sunlight, big expanses of clear glass are a gorgeous feature of any home. However, these large windows can be difficult to cover. Many vertical window treatments are thick, stuffy, and hard to operate. Fortunately, Hunter Douglas offers a variety of vertical blinds that are stylish, customizable, and easy to operate. Read on to discover all the benefits of adding vertical blinds to homes.

Hunter Douglas Cadence® Soft Vertical Blinds, blinds slats, blinds for patio doors near Kenner, Louisiana (LA)

Adding Customization

Everyone has different needs when it comes to adding vertical blinds to their homes. For example, if you want a dramatic window treatment that is completely customizable, then you will love our Hunter Douglas Skyline® Gliding Window Panels. These blinds are made from wide fabric panels that stack neatly to the side and offer ample views to the outdoors, easy operation, and total customization. You can choose your exact preference when it comes to colors, textures, opacities, and openness factors available with these window treatments. When these elements are combined just so, or combined with side panels or drapes, you can experience the perfect amount of light, privacy, and shade.

Adding Contrast

When we think of contrast, we think of colors on the opposite side of the spectrum or perhaps clashing patterns. However, adding contrast doesn’t have to be that dramatic to make a big difference. If your home has a lot of sharp edges or hard material (flooring, countertops, and so on), then adding a touch of softness with our Hunter Douglas Cadence® Soft Vertical Blinds is the winning ticket. Offering the sumptuous beauty of drapery, Cadence® Soft Vertical Blinds offer beauty, classic, and effortless operation thanks to its patented headrail design that allows them to move smoothly and silently along your windows. Who knew adding vertical blinds could be so exhilarating?

Adding Color

Adding vertical blinds to homes means that you can explore a wide range of fun colors to complement or accent your space. This is especially true if you choose our Hunter Douglas Somner® Custom Vertical Blinds. Beautiful and perfect for those who like getting a little creative with their window treatments, Somner® Custom Vertical Blinds offer the largest selection of colors, treatments, and textures on the window treatment market.

Adding Minimal Styles

Perhaps you want your window treatments to blend into the background while your furniture, artwork, or other decorative pieces take the lead. If this is the case, then adding vertical blinds to your home begins and ends with Hunter Douglas Vertical Solutions® Vertical Blinds. Available in fabric and vinyl options, these window treatments are a beautifully minimalistic addition to your home.


To learn more about the top vertical blinds for homes, be sure to contact us online or visit us today at Classic Interiors. We are located in at 2017 Williams Blvd in Kenner, Louisiana, and proudly serve the surrounding areas including Metairie, New Orleans, and St. Charles, Louisiana.