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Give your interiors a design step-up with quality home flooring. While our Classic Interiors experts are experienced at decorating your walls with Hunter Douglas window treatments, we also help homeowners select the right flooring for every room in their home.

Modern living room with tan sofa and chairs. Fireplace and large pattern rug.

Our Home Flooring Options

We carry many different types of flooring in order to best meet our customers’ needs. Talk to one of our experts about installing durable tile, comfortable carpeting, beautiful hardwood, and more. We will personally walk you through your flooring selection and installation, discussing your individual room’s daily traffic and activities in order to find the most valuable and appropriate flooring option for you.

Hardwood Flooring

Wood’s natural beauty is a timeless classic in homes of all interior styles. Hardwood flooring is a long-term investment that adds value to your home, and the warmth of wood not only invites people into your room but can make your room seem more open and bigger. Pick from different colors, grains, and stains like traditional oak, maple, and cherry or more exotic bamboo, cork, and teak. Though hardwood shouldn’t be exposed to excessive moisture, stained wood remains exceptionally cleanable—sweep away dirt and wipe away spills, and every few months, polish your hardwood floors to maintain their shine. Their cleanability paired with their scratch-resistance means that hardwood floors will beautify your interiors with their natural luster for years to come.

Hardwood flooring in an open living room area near Kenner, Louisiana (LA)
A dog lying on a rug over wood-like laminate flooring near Kenner, Louisiana (LA)

Laminate Flooring

If your home is highly active with high traffic, look no further than laminate for flooring with superior durability. Laminate is a composite flooring that consists of a base of plywood or other cost-effective material and then a printed layer that depicts the natural textural patterns of wood, stone, and more. Laminate is scratch-, UV-, and stain-resistant, and thanks to the newest technologies, it can be practically indistinguishable from hardwood, making it a great alternative to solid wood floors in homes that need cost-effective, whole-home coverage. Like hardwood, laminate is sensitive to water, but waterproofing is available, and your floors may be easily protected by a rug or mat over a high-risk, high-traffic area.

Vinyl Flooring

Like vinyl window treatments, vinyl flooring is incredibly resilient. Its natural moisture-resistance beats that of laminate and hardwood, making it a great choice for tricky areas like laundry rooms and kitchens. It is also easy to install, making it a smart option for homeowners who need a tight project turnaround. Though it can be vulnerable to damage from heavy or sharp objects, overall vinyl holds up excellently to the activities of busy households and won’t require polishing and finishing—maintained properly, your vinyl flooring can last over 20 years. Lastly, like laminate flooring, new digital technologies offer countless design opportunities, with planks that mimic the light grain of oak, the glossy swirl of marble, or the artistry of tile.

Sample panels of vinyl flooring fanned over darker vinyl flooring near Kenner, Louisiana (LA)
Beautiful white ceramic tile flooring in a dining and kitchen area near Kenner, Louisiana (LA)

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is one of the longest-lasting flooring options. Tile is highly durable, and if a tile does happen to crack or splinter, removing and replacing it is an uncomplicated process that won’t involve replacing your entire floor. Furthermore, ceramic is waterproof and won’t collect mold or mildew, hence why it’s a favorite for bathroom flooring. However, tiles come in many beautiful and intricate designs, allowing them to be placed anywhere in your home you want a personalized touch. Its customizability may affect its price, though tile is very affordable and will add resale value to your home.


Choose carpeting for excellent insulation. Carpet helps to keep your rooms warmer and quieter, perfect for plush bedrooms and other relaxing spaces. Though carpet can stain, it can be treated with normal household cleaners, and professionally cleaning your carpet not only removes tougher stains but improves your indoor air quality and prolongs the lifetime of your carpet. Choose from short fibers or long ones for pleasing traction and a soft and luxurious feel underfoot. The texture of carpet adds another dimension to your flooring, offering more design combinations to create the comfortable and inviting room every home needs. Carpet is not labor-intensive to install or maintain, and sustainable technologies allow you to recycle your old carpet and replace it for a low-cost and stress-free style.

Light carpeting under a comfortable sofa in a living room near Kenner, Louisiana (LA)

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With Classic Interiors, our customers can expect stunning interior design from floor to ceiling. Visit us in our gallery in Kenner, Louisiana, or call or contact us today for more information on our flooring options.

We bring individualized attention to the interiors of Kenner and the surrounding areas, including Metairie, New Orleans, and St. Charles, LA, as well as their nearby communities.

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