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Best Guest Bedroom Shades Near Kenner, LA

As we end with our spooky season festivities, holiday and hosting season is just around the corner. This means that you will have family and friends coming over to your house for gift exchanges, dinners, and many other celebrations throughout the holiday season. You might even have friends and family stay for several days!

Best Guest Bedroom Shades from Hunter Douglas, Designer roller shades, screen shades near Kenner, Louisiana (LA)

Whether this is your first time hosting people for the holidays or you are a seasoned hosting veteran, there are many ways to spruce up the guest bedroom to make sure that anyone who stays with you will feel relaxed and welcomed. This can be done through décor, bedding, and even a few fun pieces of art to make a guest bedroom feel homey. Of course, there is one element to making a guest bedroom go from good to great they can’t be ignored: window treatments.

The Importance of the Right Shade

Whether guests are traveling near or far, getting a good night’s sleep is crucial for anyone during this busy season. After all, we need to have energy for last-minute shopping, baking, and decorating! While all window treatments offer some degree of shade, not all will provide the degree that is needed. For example, if you find that car headlights, street lamps, or even the moon streams through your shades while they are closed, you might need a window treatment that is built specifically to provide room darkening benefits to a room. Fortunately, Hunter Douglas offers some of the best guest bedroom shades on the market.

Your Options

For Light Gaps

If your guest bedroom faces a busy, bright street or the moon floods the room when it is high in the sky, you will want to make sure light gaps are out of the picture. Even trace amounts of sunlight can disrupt much-needed REM sleep. That is why one of the best guest bedroom shades that eliminate light gaps are our Hunter Douglas Designer Roller Shades. Preventing light gaps and offering two systems that let you adjust light perfectly, these shades are excellent for guest bedrooms.

For Energy Efficiency

If you want room-darkening benefits and energy efficiency when it comes to your guest bedroom shades, then you will love our Hunter Douglas Duette® Cellular Shades. These shades offer the innovative LightLock™ blackout system and cellular construction to keep your guest bedroom warm in the winter and cool in the summer without raising your energy bills.

For Sound Absorption

No one wants to be kept up by chatty neighbors or, even though we love it, holiday music when they are trying to go to sleep. That is why one of the best guest bedroom shades where noise control is a concern are our Hunter Douglas Design Studio™ Roman Shades. The sumptuous folds of these shades not only provide ample shade, but also exquisite noise control guests will appreciate.

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