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Best Blackout Shades for Homes

Summer is officially here in the great state of Louisiana. While we all are certainly acclimated to a hot day, you certainly don’t want to put up with bright sunshine streaming into your home 24/7. That can make you want to reach for your fans, sun hats and sunglasses, even while you are inside of your home. Constant bright sunlight coming into our homes can also threaten to damage our flooring, furniture, artwork, and other interiors of our home with harmful UV rays.

Hunter Douglas Duette® Honeycomb Shades, cellular shades, honeycomb blinds, cellular blinds near Kenner, Louisiana (LA)

Plus, if you are trying to get some sleep, bright sunlight streaming into your bedroom window in the early mornings or evenings can prevent you from achieving REM sleep. Artificial light, such as street lights and car headlights, can also disrupt this much-needed sleep pattern. Are you to throw black tarps over your windows to enjoy some solace from the sun? Absolutely not! Classic Interiors and Hunter Douglas offer some of the best blackout shades on the market, including Duette® Honeycomb Shades and Designer Screen Shades. Read on to learn more about these custom window treatments.

Best Blackout Shades for Energy Efficiency

Have you noticed that no matter how much you crank up your air conditioning unit, your home still feels hot? This is me even more frustrating knowing that you will receive a higher energy bill at the end of the month. When our windows are poorly insulated, our home’s cool air can seep out and hot air from outside can come in. That is why one of the best blackout shades for energy efficiency are our Hunter Douglas Duette® Honeycomb Shades. Featuring a honeycomb (or cellular) design, these shades trap air right at your windows for natural insulation that keeps your home comfortable all summer long.

You can also enjoy flexibility with the many systems available with Duette® Honeycomb Shades. The innovative LightLock™ system completely eliminates light gaps for shade that you will love throughout the day and night. The available Duolite® feature offers two fabric panels – one light filtering and one light blocking – that gives you total light control and can be operated independently from each other.

Best Blackout Shades for UV Protection

While you might not put sunscreen on the interiors of your home, that does not mean it doesn’t require UV protection. Otherwise, constant sunlight can cause serious damage to your home’s interiors over time. That is why another one of the best blackout shades are our Hunter Douglas Designer Screen Shades. These shades, as well as our other roller shades from Hunter Douglas, offer UV protection without taking away from your views. Enjoy a selection of fabrics with different levels of opacity from 1% to 10% for the perfect fit for your space.

Designer Banded Shades also combine alternating sheer and solid fabric bands into a single shade for powerful light control that never clutters your window. We can also introduce you to the various fabric colors that will match your home’s style.


To learn more about the best blackout shades for homes, be sure to contact or visit us today at Classic Interiors. We are located in Kenner, Louisiana, and proudly serve Metairie, New Orleans, and St. Charles, Louisiana, and we look forward to serving you this summer and all year round.